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Please welcome tyler to LJ! [08 Jun 2009|09:53pm]

Hey everyone Tyler's is new to LJ please show your support! Feel free to visit his website at tylertucker.com

Born: October 9, 2000 in Greenville, South Carolina
Treatment locations: MUSC and Baltimore, Maryland.
Total Surgeries: 37
Tyler Updates, pictures, and chatting at TYLERTUCKER.COM

Tyler's Story:
The beginning: When the family found out the horrible news…

At Christmas, just after Tyler turned two, he fell on a small toy car and scratched his jaw. The jaw swelled and by New Years Day we had to take him to the hospital. The hospital staff said that Tyler needed surgery to remove a cyst. Dr. Wilson did the surgery and came out with tears in his eyes. He said that the problem was not a cyst, but cancer and that he sent a portion of the extracted material to the lab to have it analyzed. The results came back as Rhabdomyosarcoma of the Mandible. When the results arrived, January 30, we were called to his office and he cried with us. Tyler was admitted to MUSC Hospital in Charleston, SC immediately. We felt this couldn’t be happening to our baby; not Tyler. The staff at MUSC has been wonderful and have become like family. We learned to love everyone there. Tyler has stolen the heart of everyone on Floor 7b.

Tyler was having trouble breathing because of his jaw, so the Doctor’s decided a tracheotomy was needed. At the same time, Tyler’s jaw fell so the medical staff had to wire the jaw shut. After that, he couldn’t keep feeding tubes in, forcing them to replace the tube six times.

After radiation and chemo, Tyler underwent surgery again where they took fibia bone from Tyler’s leg and transplanted it into the jaw to replace tissue that had been removed because of the cancer. Shortly thereafter, it was diagnosed that the cancer had moved to both of Tyler’s lungs. Doctors removed the upper portion of Tyler’s right lung and the chemo seemed to clear up the left lung. As a result of this surgery a chest tube was inserted. Tyler was so strong that he went walking down the hall with that chest tube still in! Dr. York said she wants a picture of Tyler to go over her desk. She said that he was the strongest kid that she had ever seen and that he was her miracle baby.

Tyler’s illness has been very hard on our family. Ashley, Tyler’s mom, is only in her twenties and is unable to hold down a job and still care for Tyler. He requires long trips to doctor’s appointments and special care. Tyler also has two young brothers that Ashley must care for. But God has been with our family and we believe he will carry us the rest of the way. Tyler had four staff infections while he was in the hospital, which encompassed most of 2003. We took a camper and stayed in it at Lake Air Campground so we could be near Tyler and Ashley through their ordeal.

Tyler has great difficulty talking because moving his jaw is very painful. He can barely eat and weighs on 57 pounds at eight years old. For a long time, Tyler had a feeding tube because he could not eat. After two unsuccessful jaw reconstruction surgeries, Tyler is now facing a titanium jaw replacement. This will be his 37th surgery over 6 years and there will be more as he grows.

Tyler loves playing with his papa George and he loves holding on to Mama and playing with her hair, but when he wants his way, he runs to Nanny, who cannot help but give him what he wants. Tyler is very close to his Nanny Darlene.

Tyler has been through things that most adults couldn’t survive..


Tyler is now in remission. This doesn’t mean he is cured or better in anyway. How we wish the cancer the end of his ordeal, but there is so much more Tyler has to go through..

Tyler will need to be brought three hours each way to MUSC Hospital for follow up appoints all of his life. According to his doctors, he will never be 100% better. He is missing half of a lung and has had both of his legs broken to get bone for his jaw. It is devastating that he must endure more pain to take the next step and install the titanium jaw.

Tyler tends to get sick often because his body is so weak from the chemotherapy. It breaks our hearts that he cannot do the things that normal kids take for granted. Right now, Tyler is home-bound, so he is not even able to enjoy school. Without many kids in his neighborhood, Tyler gets lonely for other children.

Sadly, Tyler may never be able to eat properly. We pray that the surgery on his jaw will give him some form of normalcy. He will never have the kind of childhood many of us enjoyed and he may never be able to have children of his own some day because of the chemotherapy.

Tyler’s cancer is uncommon. We only came across five or six other children with the same cancer in our web research. Sadly, many of those children did not make it. Others had the cancer return. Tyler has beaten the odds at every turn. The doctors never believed he would make it. We feel so lucky and blessed to have Tyler still with us and we believe he will make it!!!!!!

The chance of Tyler’s cancer coming back is very high, but we believe he will beat it. It is the care and support of people from all over the world that gives us faith. We have hope, and we know Tyler is a warrior!
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murs hat... [17 Apr 2009|12:26pm]
hey everyone,

check out this rad MURS hat i just got:

avaliable here: http://www.mursmusic.com/shop
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Show! [10 May 2006|02:50pm]

Tomorrow Thursday May 11th.

El Mocambo
Toronto, ON
SHAD, Mugshot, The Outfit, Friday Morning's Regret, Matthew Johnston, and Clayton Ravine
19 . $8

Then another show.

June 26th

Skate4Cancer and C1rca presents
A Dream Love Cure Show
at El Mocambo
464 spadina ave
all ages . $8 bands TBA

Hope one or more of you get this in time and come out.
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Hello Everyone [12 Nov 2005|06:58pm]

Hi everyone. I was talking with dropsofblood over lunch today. We're contemplating closing down this community and letting some of our brother and sister communities take up what we've had posted here lately. The guys did a great thing, and we're grateful. We're wondering if it might be too far removed from the event to still be relevant. To be fair, we want your opinions, though. If you'd like us to stay open, we certainly will do that. Please let us know what you think.

If you want us to remain here, maybe we can steer the community in a new direction. Of course, we can leave it as is if that's what your comments indicate you'd like.

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I'm not sure if this is going to work .. [14 Jul 2005|02:00am]

I have no idea what I'm doing.. but I'm trying to post in the Skate4Cancer .. let's hope this is working ..
&if it is .. I'm sorry I'm a complete dumbass ..

but yes .. I don't skateboard .. I just wanted to join to .. suport the idea of it.. My mom has cancer. so I wanna do everything in my power to somehow help her, and everyone else in her position..

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Awsome [14 Dec 2004|03:06pm]

[ mood | excited ]

This is awsome i love this. I have never seen anything like this. But since i am Christian skater you know i think this is awsome. I never thought about skateing to reaise money for things like this. I guess here in Gonzales, LA we don't have that many skater so we really can't do it. This rocks. Well next time yall are in this area post it and i wana come to the events later

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If you don't come on Sunday I will eat your young! [23 Jul 2004|09:25pm]


And for your viewing pleasure here are some pictures that aren't on the site yet.
shhhhhCollapse )
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[23 Jul 2004|03:43pm]

Yesterday kinda sucked. Well, it's story time kids. Anyway, this lady that used to watch me back when I was a little kid had cancer.(She was like a grandmother). And my mom didn't tell me about it for a while. Well..yesterday she died. And it really sucks. I miss her. I'm not going to her funeral. I can't deal with anymore deal right now.

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[20 Jul 2004|11:54pm]

i'm almost never on livejournal, ever. but i'm joining to show my support, whether i'm around or not. my uncle was found to have lung cancer last year, smoking. he came out okay, though. keep up the good work.

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[16 Jul 2004|08:14pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hi there.
I don't skateboard or anything but I do know a few people who have had cancer. My Nanny died of throat cancer when I was 7. My Dad's dad died of cancer before I was born. My Aunt's ex-husband who is such a wonderful man has cancer right now and I don't think he has too much longer to live.
I think it's amazing what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work!!

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h o p e [16 Jul 2004|05:01pm]

rocking a skate for cancer shirt.

anyways i'm new, i live in aurora. my dad has cancer. my grandmother has cancer. my aunt died from it. it's a cause i firmly believe in & a cause i've supported ever since i heard about it. i've been gathering people for the marathon within a marathon & wish i could be at the homecoming party with the milo boys & the salads.

you guys cross the border tommorow. hope you receive a big & gracious welcoming.

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[06 Jul 2004|10:52pm]

[ mood | sadscaredshittysleepyrestless ]

So.. I'm Kaytee. I skate. I hate cancer. That's about it. Ya wanna know more? Read my info page.

This is cool(meaning the site and the cause). My cousin died of cancer two months ago(two days before his eighteenth birthday). And I found out today that a dear friend is dying from it.

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[29 Jun 2004|11:23am]

CT/NY skate scene.
check it out.
if you want to help us design a new skate park, head on over.
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[27 Jun 2004|06:29pm]


we're not crazy, really. tons of new pictures.
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[23 Jun 2004|06:19pm]

Wow, the guys are getting so close to the end.

There are a ton of new pictures on the pictures page.

Also check out "The Marathon Within The Marathon" to be able to skate the last 5km with the guys.
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[10 Jun 2004|01:46pm]


images from South Carolina are up on the site.
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[05 Jun 2004|09:30pm]


we're in charleston, south carolina, and it's really nice.
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Hi new to the community.... [04 Jun 2004|07:05pm]

Glad that you guys are doing this... any plans to go to Colorado? Rocky Mountains?
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[02 Jun 2004|07:21pm]

Wednesday, June 2
As it turns out, someone was kind enough to provide a hotel room for our boys last night, so they did not have to spend the night in the tent. They are waiting for repairs to be done on the car right now and do not expect to be out of Ridgeland until sometime tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 1
The team is in Ridgeland, South Carolina tonight. The place where Rob actually ended his skate today was in the middle of nowhere, so they drove back to Ridgeland to spend the night. Kyle will drive him back to the point where he left off today to start tomorrow's run. It rained this morning, but the tent is home for another night. A church group in Macon, Georgia gave the guys a lot of bug spray when they heard that they were going to be camping up in the Carolinas. That can only mean bugs the size of small mice.
The police saga continues for the Skate4Cancer Team. Kyle was checked out by the Drug Inspection Team today on a routine check. While he was parked on the side of the road waiting for Rob, a squad car pulled in behind and flashed him. The G8 Summit is meeting in Savannah right now and they were just being cautious. As it turns out, they were actually pretty cool.
Coming Soon! Watch for the new shopping cart on our merch page.

Monday, May 31
Rob called from Savannah, Georgia earlier today and informed us that the team is staying in a tent in the backyard of one of the local police force members tonight. So far the reception in Georgia has been astounding. Everyone is very supportive of our cause and helpful whenever they can be. Rob was stopped by the authorities this afternoon and expected to get grief when the officer only wanted to shake Rob's hand and commend him on the amazing effort he and the team were putting forth. He was also impressed by such initiative for a group of young people. See guys, it isn't just the hometeam that is proud of you. Keep up the good work!
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[27 May 2004|07:33pm]

Tuesday, May 25
We arrived in Macon, Georgia with our new vehicle today, and we will start our skate to Savannah tomorrow and plan to arrive there on Saturday. We would like to again thank Frank Henn from Jackson, MS once again for being so hospitable and letting us stay at his house while we worked out our car troubles. Look for some new pictures from down south to be added to the site within a couple days as well.

Also, they have added new pictures to the PICTURES PAGE!!!
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